The New Office: Inspiring Comfortable Workspaces

Employees around the world are changing the office standard. But spaces that feel more emotionally comfortable are sometimes physically uncomfortable and often lack the tools required to get work done. Click here to find out some key components of a high-performance space that is both informal and inspiring People need to be encouraged to shift […]

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Express Yourself

Your couch, your chair, your artwork, the color of the walls—the emphasis on and honesty of materials. They all become a way of your expression; a way of exerting your will on the larger environment to reflect who you are. Redefine “corporate” with work settings that celebrate individuality through personalization. Personal details and thoughtfully placed […]

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Human emotions play a large part in the process of work. Environments where personal choice is valued create a culture that empowers workers. Customization in office furniture allows employees to work in an environment that suits them best. Supporting Wellbeing in the Workplace In any workplace, the bottom line is the health and wellbeing of […]

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Today’s leaders must navigate an economic environment that is far more complex and unpredictable than in the past. Traditional hierarchy-based management practices that previously propelled success can no longer keep pace with the constantly shifting business landscape. As leaders seek ways to address this new reality, they can take a cue from complex adaptive systems […]

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Concepts for a Leadership Space

In today’s complex and global environment, progressive leaders are reshaping their organizations to operate as a system that’s as complex and adaptive as nature. Leaders are looking for ways to tap into new ideas without being overwhelmed by data. Steelcase researchers and designers have distilled innovative concepts for a leadership space that empowers executives to […]

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