Healthy Workstation Guidelines

SIT Raise or lower the seat to ensure your thighs are parallel to the floor with your feet flat on the floor or a footrest. Adjust seat pan depth to maintain two inches of clearance between the back of your knees and the front edge of the seat. Adjust backrest height to comfortably fit the small of your back. Adjust the recline tension, if necessary, to support varying degrees of recline throughout the day. Avoid the use of recline locks. Lean back and relax in your chair to allow the backrest to support your upper body. TYPE Use an articulating keyboard support and position it 1 to 1.5 inches [...]

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Text Neck

Got Text-Neck? The Solution Could Be Your Arms! The arms of your chair that is. Text neck is getting a lot of media attention these days because more and more people are suffering from it. Doctors – realizing that the increased incidence of neck pain was associated with people spending more hours gazing down at technology devices – dubbed the affliction “text neck” and it seems like everyone’s got. It. That’s because we’re all using devices throughout our day. According to a recent study conducted by Steelcase of over 11,000 workers around the world, 45% use three devices – a laptop, [...]

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Where Function Meets Fashion: Developing Ergonomic Workspaces That Look Great, Too

If you’ve ever had any training in ergonomics, you probably know that one advantage of having an ergonomically-designed workspace is employee retention. An ergonomic workspace designed to promote wellness can help employees feel valued by management, increase their sense of worth and improve productivity. With HON, you can create healthier workspaces without sacrificing design. Take a look at the environment ideas below to see how you can create an office that is both functional and fashionable: 1. Keep Ergonomics in Mind While Maximizing the Office Footprint Commercial real estate [...]

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